our history

Insele Consulting started in reaction to changing market conditions within the mining and industrial sector when the owner realised that a small personal focused consulting firm would have the ability to effectively meet client’s changing needs. We have combined 37 years of experience in engineering and customer service industries to not only provide engineering solutions, but to also effectively provide administrative services to support each client’s goals.

In popular culture the honey badger is known as a no nonsense character, not scared to take on much larger opponents in its quest for survival. However it is the ingrained ingenuity and determination of the honey badger that inspired the formation of Insele Consulting. We as a company strive to emulate these outstanding qualities throughout every activity that is performed.



Project Management

We are able to successfully project manage small and medium engineering projects. Our thorough project execution capabilities range all the way from the desktop studies through to project implementation. We have PMI accredited project managers to ensure projects are managed with the latest international standards.

Engineering Management

Management of the engineering function in any project is vital to ensure the clients engineering requirements are seamlessly integrated into the project schedule and budget. Over the last 5 years or engineering managent have been involved with integration of multidisciplinary projects in the mining industry.

Project Engineering

Our project engineers have mastered the art of schedule planning, pre-planning and resource forecasting in order to keep our projects on time and on budget. Having our project engineers interpret the clients’ requirements is of utmost importance.

Mechanical Engineering Design (Pr.Eng)

Our design engineers are able to provide accurate and detailed designs according to the client’s specifications specifically with bulk materials handling and system designs. Additionally, we are able to provide design support for the on-site construction team.

Materials handling systems design

Through partnerships with established materials handling designers, using the latest design software and methodologies, we have the capability to design, supply and commission conveying and materials handling systems.


Conveyor belt design

Mechanical and structural drafting services

Architectural services

Process engineering design

Fabrication facilities


The direct translation of “Insele” is honey badger. Naturally, our values and ethics are directly aligned with that of a honey badger.



The badger does not shy away from its surroundings and is incredibly forthright when showing predators and rivals who and what they are. At Insele we strive to treat our clients with this level of integrity by always being open and honest with them.



The animal’s loose skin allows it to easily move within its skin when either being picked up or pinned down by a predator. Through the mutually beneficial relationships that have been established with industry experts we are able to offer flexibility as well as rapid solutions to our clients.



Badgers are able to take advantage of their surroundings to get what they want, when they want it. We vow to offer our valued clients with innovative solutions by taking full advantage of all technologies and expertise available within the market.


For the last five years we have been involved in feasibility studies and engineering design  Mechanised ULP (Ultra Low Profile) and XLP (Extra Low Profile) Mining equipment systems for narrow reef platinum mining in the Eastern Limb. This includes the project engineering and engineering management around the implementation of these systems. The majority of our skills have been developed in the harsh South African mining environment with a small amount of skilled exposure to metallurgical plants and processes.



Donovan Brink
Mechanical Engineer Pr.Eng PMP
Director – Engineering
Cell: 082 941 1236
Tel: 011 431 0501
Email: Donovan@Inseleconsulting.co.za


Toni Brink
Director – Admin
Cell: 082 903 3702
Tel: 011 431 0501
Email: Toni@Inseleconsulting.co.za